Ya-Hui Wu


I was born and raised in the south of Taiwan, in a city called Tianan (which used to be the capital of Taiwan a very very long time ago) and is now known as the “Food Capital of Taiwan”. When I was growing up I can always remember driving around with my grandfather and tasting new and exciting flavours at little eateries along the way.

My mother is also a fantastic cook and has always taken pride in cooking fresh ingredients at home. I take much of my love of food and cooking from her. You will find some of my mothers recipes on the website .

In my mid 20’s I moved to Japan to work, in the 5 years I lived there the culture and etiquette has rubbed off on me. I really love the way Japanese present food and the wonderful flavours they can create even from such simple dishes.

I met my husband whilst I was studying in England. Since living here I have had the opportunity to really develop my cooking skills. My husband has encouraged me to start the website so more people can learn about the Taiwanese, Japanese & Korean food we both love.

I hope you enjoy my food and learning how to make it.


My Formosa Food

The name “My Formosa Food” was chosen for 2 reasons. Firstly it was once Taiwan’s name and secondly it is the Portuguese word for “beautiful”. So it could be interpreted as either “My Taiwan Food” or “My Beautiful Food”. For me it is My Formosa Food.

Taipei 101


Is a small island 81 miles off the coast of China, it is above Hong Kong and below Japan. We are a democratic country, our most famous landmark is the Taipei 101 and over the years we have been colonised by different countries.

With all the different people in Taiwan the food culture is varied, with influences coming from many places. Taiwan is also very famous for its night markets and street food.

Taiwan is a beautiful country, although it is small we have large modern cities, small mountain villages, incredible architecture, beautiful beaches, many many waterfalls, lakes, mountains and so much more to discover.

Learn more about Taiwan from the tourist bureau

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